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Aquatic Specialty Programs


Start with the basics. Learn how to use a mask, snorkel, and fins.

Bubble Maker

For the young underwater explorer (ages 7-10). This introductory scuba class will give your child the opportunity to learn basic scuba skills that will be used for a later scuba certification class.

Discover Scuba

This class is for older youth and adults who want to experience scuba and learn basic scuba skills.

Scuba Certifaction

This class is for the underwater adventurer who wants to advance their knowledge in scuba and get certified. The participants will take part in classroom activities, practice scuba skills in the pool, and are required to do 3 open water dives.

Kayak Demo

See what kayaking is all about. You can even try kayaking yourself and find out how you can learn more.

Kayaking Skills

Students will be introduced to basic kayaking skills and an introduction to rescue techniques. All equipment will be provided. Each person is required to pass a minimum swim test and will be expected to hang upside down under water.

Kayaking Rescue Techniques and Eskimo Roll

For the more experienced kayaker who wants to improve their rescue techniques and perfect the Eskimo roll.

Springboard Diving

Come dive with us! Learn how to dive off the diving board with an approach and other different tricks.

Synchronized Swimming

Learn how to dance in the water. You will learn basic to intermediate synchro skills.


All those laps and dedication count! Members record their mileage and receive a gift for completing 100, 500, or 1,000 miles.

Aquatic Leadership Club

Older youth (ages 11-14) Interested in furthering their understanding of aquatics? This class is for those swimmers who want to learn how to teach swimming lessons and eventually become a lifeguard. Participants will work on stroke technique, instruction skills, aquatic safety, First Aid and CPR.

Day Cares and School Groups

Need a place to take the kids? Come to the YMCA for swim lessons or a field trip. We offer swim lessons to Day Cares School Groups and Homeschool groups. Just want to go swimming for the day? Give us a call.

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