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Youth Swim Lessons

What makes us different from other programs?

The YMCA uses programs as a vehicle to deliver its mission, which is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build spirit, mind and body for all. YMCA Swim Lesson programs promote children's health and safety. The programs support parents and encourage their participation in teaching their kids valuable life skills. YMCA Swim Lesson classes stress positive values and give kids the opportunity to practice them, promoting kids' growth in self-esteem and self worth while they are having a great time.

What class to sign up for?

If your child has not participated in YMCA swim lessons before, his/her skills should be evaluated for appropriate class placement. Often times class, placement can be achieved over the phone. Other times, a child may need to be evaluated in the water. Please note that the YMCA reserves the right to combine or cancel classes due to low enrollment.

Please call your local YMCA Aquatic Director for YMCA Swim Lesson Evaluation.


Front and Back float comfortably, kick with flotation front and back 5 yards, submerge head, paddle stroke 5 yards, and introduction to coordinated front crawl movement.

Polliwog 1

Front glide and kick 10 yards, front crawl 10 yards, rhythmic breathing with floatation and kicking 25 yards, and back crawl 10 yards.

Polliwog 2

Tread water 30 seconds, rotary breathing with front crawl arms and board 25 yards, front crawl with breathing and good form 25 yards, fining on back with kick 25 yards, back crawl 25 yards, and endurance swim 25 yards with front crawl.


Tread water 1 minute, survival float 1 minute, rhythmic breathing timed with front crawl, front crawl 50 yards in good form, back crawl 50 yards in good form, and elementary backstroke kick 10 yards.


Tread water 3 minutes, front and back crawl 100 yards each in good form, elementary backstroke 25 yards, introduction to breaststroke kick, endurance swim 150 yards, and survival float 2 minutes.


Front and back crawl 150 yards each, breaststroke 25 yards, introduction to scissor kick, head first/feet first sculling, and endurance swim 250 yards.

Flying Fish

Tread water 6 minutes, butterfly 25 yards, individual medley, sidestroke 25 yards, approach strokes, and endurance swim 300 yards.


Survival float 5 minutes, open and flip turns, butterfly 50 yards, surface dives, endurance swim 15 minutes and 200 yards individual medley.

Porpoise Club

What's next after Shark class? Join Porpoise Club and continue to develop your stroke, endurance and water safety skills. This class will promote leadership skills and goal setting.

Individual or Small Group Lessons

These classes allow for instruction one-on-one or in a small group. The classes are 30 minutes for individual instruction or 40 minutes for a small group.

Homeschool Swim Lessons

All homeschool students can participate together in swim lessons. Each student will be appropriately grouped in a class with their peers.

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