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Health and Fitness

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Program Guide
Program Guide

Wellness Center

We suggest that all members begin with the “First Steps” to Wellness Program

Wellness Center GuidelinesWellness Center

Individuals age 14 and older may use the Wellness Center (Cardiovascular and Strength Equipment). Youth age 8-13, may use the Wellness Center while accompanied by a parent or guardian after completing the Youth Orientation. Please contact your YMCA to set up an appointment.

“First Steps” to Wellness Program

During your first month of membership receive an introduction to our Wellness Center and begin your personal wellness journey with the support of our qualified, professional wellness team.

Step 1 - Individual Wellness Profile
Examines current health behaviors and makes recommendations to reduce risk and positively affect health and longevity.

Step 2 - Comprehensive Fitness Test
Assesses individual muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and body composition.

Step 3 - Nutrition Analysis
Calculates your daily calorie goal and recommended levels of proteins, carbohydrates and fats based on your current activity, goals and body type.

Step 4 - Progress Check-In
Connects you with a team member to check your progress and explore options for continued support.

Equipment Orientation

Take an hour of your day and learn how to use the cardio and strength circuit equipment. A qualified Wellness Center Staff will teach you the proper form and technique on our full line of fitness equipment. Please come dressed in workout attire. Each YMCA branch has different equipment; please contact your branch to make an appointment.

Youth Orientation

YMCA Members 8-13 years of age who complete a Youth Orientation are welcome to utilize our Wellness Center under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Youth will receive instruction on Wellness Center safety and etiquette as well as proper use of cardio and selectorized weight equipment. NMY has Fit Zone for ages 7-13.

Free Weight Orientation

Learn proper use and technique of free weight equipment. Please contact your YMCA to make an appointment.

Comprehensive Fitness Test

A trained staff member will test your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. A fitness assessment is strongly recommended prior to beginning an exercise program. Please contact your YMCA to make an appointment. Fee: $30 per test.


Gaining Optimal Active Lifestyles. This free program is designed to help you achieve the fitness levels you desire through a continually changing strength program. G.O.A.L. is a strength program that is divided into 6 week steps. Each step has different designs for number of sets and repetitions. The exercises are specifically picked by the Lifestyle Center staff to fit the fitness level and experience of the participant. The program is designed to keep you motivated, challenged and engaged. By changing exercises, it guarantees that you will continue to challenge yourself mentally and physically, while ensuring that you are working at a challenging, yet safe fitness level. All Wellness staff are trained in the program. “Set the bar for a new you!”

Nutrition Counseling

Our Registered Dieticians are here to help you with your Wellness goals! Invest in your health and schedule a private consultation with a registered dietician to analyze your eating habits and design an individualized nutrition plan that addresses your specific dietary and supplement needs. Our dietitians have experience in sports nutrition, eating disorders, weight loss, weight gain, meal planning and eating within budget.

For more information about the YMCA Nutrition Counseling program click HERE.

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