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Health and Fitness

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Youth and Teen Fitness

Youth Orientation (ages 8 - 13)

YMCA Members 8-13 years of age who complete a Youth Orientation are welcome to utilize our Wellness Center under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Youth will receive instruction on Wellness Center safety and etiquette as well as proper use of cardio and selectorized weight equipment. NMY has Fit Zone for ages 7-13.

Youth Free Weight Class (ages 11-16) Youth and Teen Fitness

THIS 7 APPOINTMENT CLASS IS REQUIRED FOR YOUTH AGE 11–13 TO USE THE FREE WEIGHT ROOM EQUIPMENT. Class times can be scheduled around your schedule, but all 7 classes must be completed to pass. Class will cover basic exercise terminology and human anatomy, various hot topics in nutrition, program design, and exercises such as free weights, cable machines, and other functional equipment. Proper form and technique will be emphasized. A must for any youth interested in maximizing their overall wellness or athletic ability. Upon completion, class participants will be able to use Free Weight Room and all strength training areas unsupervised. Required pre-requisite: Youth Orientation

Gym Pack

High school students have a unique opportunity to receive physical education class credits by participating in physical activity at the YMCA of the Fox Cities. Written approval from school administrator/counselor is required. YMCA membership is required.

Sport Specific Training (ages 13-18)

Sign up to work with a certified trainer who has a degree in strength and conditioning and has experience working with high school, college, and professional athletes. Workouts are made on a sport to sport basis to improve sport specific speed, strength, and conditioning. Trainings will use a variety of techniques and equipment to meet the goals of each individual athlete; from Olympic lifts, plyometric training, weight training, and speed and quickness drills. Athletes can purchase punch cards for a certain number of workouts. Workout times are made based on athlete’s schedule.

FitZone (ages 7-13)

This program area at the Neenah-Menasha YMCA features a line of strength training equipment called Life Fitness Circuit Series; designed for simplicity, low profile access, small increments of resistance and no set-up adjustments. A variety of cardiovascular equipment will certainly improve the health of your heart and lungs, and also entertain you with television, interactive video games and contests! All kids must have an equipment orientation prior to participating in FitZone activities.

Youth 5K & Triathlon Training Programs (ages 8 -13)

7 week training program structured to help youth cross the finish line of a 5K or Triathlon. Class includes coach-guided weekly training sessions along with workout plans for the remainder of the week. The goal is to build confidence through accomplishment and gain an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle.
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