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Livewell 5218

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Livewell 5218

At the YMCA of the Fox Cities, we care about the health and well-being of our employees. We believe that employees who feel good contribute to a happier and more productive workplace. Because of this strong belief, we are taking positive steps to promote good health to all of our employees.

Our vision is to improve the health and well-being of all YMCA of the Fox Cities employees by encouraging them to LIVEWELL daily.

You will see ongoing programming centered around 5 key focus areas:

        1. Physical Activity
        2. Nutrition/Weight Management
        3. Stress Management
        4. Self-Care
        5. Tobacco Cessation

As with any worthwhile initiative, creating a culture of health takes passionate, supportive, and dedicated leadership. You will see the support of Bill Breider, President/CEO of the YMCA of the Fox Cities, our Leadership Team, Branch Executives, and Branch Management teams. We also feel it is important to solicit the feedback of our employees. We encourage your feedback!

This is your wellness program. We hope you will take advantage of the programs, services, assessments, incentives, and information that will become available to you.

Live Well,

William Breider III, President/CEO
Michelle Sorenson, HR Director
Brenda Johnson, Fox West YMCA Executive Director

Employee Wellness Team

Amanda Vander Logt - ACY Becky Decker - FWY
Nick Krause - ACY Brenda Johnson - FWY
Jenny Shampo - ACY Maggie Pawlowski - FWY
Ryan Boeshaar - Appvion Alicia Pyle - HVY
Erin Pues - APY Paula Beyer - HVY
Kari Arkens - APY Kate Harrell - NMY
Loel Kreger - APY Katie Schalk - NMY
  Susan Hildebrandt - NMY

Ironman Incentive

May 1-May 31, 2018
Click here to learn more

Employee Wellness Champion Nomination Form

Online Form Paper Form

ArrowLive Well 5218 - PDF
ArrowHealth and Well-being Calendar - PDF
ArrowSupertracker Instructions - PDF
ArrowChoose My Plate - CLICK HERE
ArrowYou Deserve A Break - PDF
      • A 5-Minute Stretch Break
ArrowMore Matters - PDF
      • Make Half Your Plate Fruits And Vegetables
ArrowActivate Your Body, Mind And Spirit - PDF
      • Boredom Busters
ArrowSmall Movements Make A Big Difference - PDF
      • Copy Room Exercises
ArrowTake Time To Live Well - PDF
      • Exercises You Can Squeeze Into Your Day