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Required Staff Trainings

Having the proper training allows us to offer excellent service and care to our members in any situation. The following trainings are required to be completed by all employees according to the established deadlines. A calendar of training dates is maintained on the Staff Website. Sign-up may be completed at any Member Services Desk or on the Staff Website. Contact your direct supervisor with any questions.

Initial Trainings

Child Abuse Prevention - All Staff must fulfill our Child Abuse Prevention Training Requirements by taking the Mandated Reporter Online Training - within 30 days of hire.

ArrowChild Abuse Prevention

CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid
Within 60 days of employment. All staff must recertify every two years.

CPR/AED and First Aid for Lifeguards - Prior to first day of employment. All staff must recertify every two years.

CPR/AED and First Aid Review
This course is for those who have taken the CPR / AED First Aid in the past and you are comfortable to quickly review the information and test out. If you don't pass the review, you must retake the full class.

ArrowCPR / AED and First Aid - Full Course
ArrowCPR / AED and First Aid - Review

Emergency Response Plan - Within 90 days of employment. This training is required to be completed annually. This training must be taken at your primary branch.

ArrowEmergency Response

Customer Service Trainings

Quarterly Customer Service Training – Part time staff must attend a minimum of two meetings annually and full time staff need to attend at least three annually. Three Quarterly Customer Service meetings are offered at each location. All employees are highly encouraged to attend the All Staff meeting which fulfills one Quarterly Customer Service meeting requirement. Quarterly Customer Service meetings must be taken at your primary branch.

ArrowQuarterly Customer Service

Members First - Within 90 days of employment for Member Services, Wellness Center, Building Supervisors, PFP, Personal Trainers, Directors and Coordinators. One time training requirement.

ArrowMembers First