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Apple Creek YMCA
Nick Krause
Wellness Coordinator
(P) 920.702.2317
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Appleton YMCA
Loel Kreger
Wellness Director
(P) 920.954.7658
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Fox West YMCA
Maggie Pawlowski
Wellness Coordinator
(P) 920.560.0424
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Neenah-Menasha YMCA
Katie Schalk
Health & Fitness Coordinator
(P) 920.886.2122
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Are you ready to LEVEL UP?

FitRanX™ Training

What is FitRanX™?

What is FitRanX™? FitRanX™ Training is a revolutionary new way to accomplish your fitness goals and keep you motivated. The FitRanX™ team approach offers an abundance of short term fitness goals, challenging workouts and a systematic program to keep you progressing through the ranks and towards your ultimate goal.

How does FitRanX™ Work?

FitRanX™ works through standardized fitness testing. There are 8 levels with corresponding colors that represent each level. (Sort of like a Martial Arts Belt system.) To progress from one level to the next you need to participate in a fitness testing session comprised of both strength and conditioning exercises. This testing system means that a Level 5 in Appleton, WI has to accomplish the same criteria as a Level 5 in Los Angeles, CA.

Not only are you competing against yourself, but you also see how you compare to others across the country and throughout the world!

Why is FitRanX a good fit for you?

Why is FitRanX a good fit for you? The FitRanX™ Ranking System keeps you motivated and gives you clear and specific goals to strive for while ensuring that you are achieve a balanced, full-body fitness, all under the supervision and guidance of nationally certified Personal Trainers.

The FitRanX Promise:

  • It keeps you MOTIVATED!
  • It gives you an abundance of SHORT TERM GOALS to reach
  • Testing days develop so much POSITIVE ENERGY, everyone wants to be a part of them.
  • With our ever changing workouts, you will NEVER BE BORED again.
  • You become PART OF THE TEAM. Everyone helps each other reach their true potential.
  • FitRanX gets you RESULTS!

Getting Started

FitRanX™ is available through:

  1. FitRanX Group Training Sessions (geared towards Level 1 & 2)
      • 7 week sessions that meet 2 times a week - $40
      • 30 minute sessions
      • 6 - 12 program participants

  2. Small Group Personal Training (3- 6 individuals)
      • Flexible scheduling
      • More cost effective than Individual Personal Training

  3. Individual Personal Training
      • 1 on 1 training
      • Personalized to meet your specific goals

Contact the Appleton YMCA for additional information: Click or 920.954.7658.

Contact the Neenah Menasha YMCA for additional information: Click E-mail or 920.886.2122.

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