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Fitness and Wellness

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Apple Creek YMCA
Nick Krause
Wellness Coordinator
(P) 920.702.2317
Click HERE to E-mail Nick

Appleton YMCA
Loel Kreger
Wellness Director
(P) 920.954.7658
Click to E-mail Loel
Fox West YMCA
Maggie Pawlowski
Wellness Coordinator
(P) 920.560.0424
Click HERE to E-mail Maggie
Heart of the Valley YMCA
Colleen Eichsteadt
Health and Fitness Director
(P) 920.830.5725
Click HERE to E-mail Colleen

Neenah-Menasha YMCA
Katie Schalk
Wellness Coordinator
(P) 920.886.2122
Click HERE to E-mail Susan

Nutrition Services

Personal and Small Group Training

The YMCA of the Fox Cities offers Nutrition Services to both members and the general public. Through personal consultations, nutrition education classes, and more, we want to help you simplify the confusion that plagues your plate and help you get a real taste of success. If you are looking for advice on how to help manage your weight, improve athletic performance, or establish healthy eating habits, seeing a Registered Dietitian (RD) might be just what you need!

Nutrition Button

One-On-One Nutrition Counseling

Just like the structure of our YMCA Personal Training Program, you can purchase a one-on-one multi-session package or individual session to meet with our Registered Dietitian and get personalized nutrition coaching to assist in meeting caloric & nutrient needs as well as healthy eating habit requirements for your level of activity.

  YMCA Member General Public
1 session $39 $56
3 sessions $117 $169
6 sessions $222 $330
9 sessions $324 $478
12 sessions $418 $610

Nutrition Classes & Workshops

Fueling your body for everyday fun, weight loss or athletic performance takes a little more than open-mouth-insert-nutrition! Getting a healthy start will give you a hands-on experience to tackle the most common challenges that plague your plate. Topics include nutrients and food; food logs and portion control; label reading, health halos, and nutrition fads; a grocery store tour; kitchen improvisation and substitutions; eating away from home and body and social cues. Stay Tuned for a complete listing of all classes and Wellness Workshops offered at the Y!

Workplace Wellness

Bring our Nutrition Workshops to your workplace. All nutrition classes and workshops can be delivered in a Lunch 'n Learn format to enhance employee wellness and meet the needs of your company or organization.

Getting Started

  1. Step One - Contact the facility you wish to receive one of our nutrition services by clicking the link below.
      • Apple Creek YMCA - Nick Krause - Contact
      • Appleton YMCA - Loel Kreger - Contact
      • Fox West YMCA - Maggie Pawlowski- Contact
      • Heart of the Valley YMCA - Colleen Eichsteadt - Contact
      • Neenah Menasha YMCA - Katie Schalk - Contact

  2. Step Two - After receiving the inquiry form the Fitness / Wellness Director will have the YMCA Registered Dietitian contact you to set up your initial consultation.
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