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2nd Grade Water Safety Program - Community Safety Program

The YMCA of the Fox Cities is dedicated to educating youth in water safety. We would like to offer our 2nd Grade Water Safety Program to your class!

Statistics show the ages of children most prone to water-related incidents are ages seven and eight. This is why we have targeted to train the second graders in our community how to be safe around the water. The program is designed to introduce water safety skills in a classroom setting and then give the children a chance to practice the skills in our pool.

The program consists of two parts. The first part is a one-hour classroom water safety workshop at your school. We will introduce the students to water safety and discuss topics that will include but are not limited to: safe swimming places, proper use of lifejackets, non-swimming assists and rules for beaches and pools.

The second part is in the water activities at your local YMCA branch. Students will be instructed in basic swimming skills; practice safe, simple procedures for assisting someone in trouble; choose an appropriate lifejacket to put on, jump in and swim with it. Even if children know how to swim, they do not always think about safety! Safety is the main focus of our program.

Cost: $2 per student. Transportation is to be arranged by the school.

Please contact the Aquatic Director at your nearest YMCA for more information!

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