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YMCA Aquatics

More Than Just Swim Lessons

YMCAs have been teaching people to swim for more than a century. In YMCA aquatics programs, children learn to be safe around water and feel a sense of accomplishment that comes with learning something new. Each year, we teach thousands of children to be more safe around water, to be aware of the dangers and how to safely help a friend.

Learning to swim at the YMCA is more than just stroke development. It's a child-centered approach, where kids learn through play, hands-on exercises and creative repetition. The YMCA lesson curriculum is enhanced with YMCA character development, emphasizing the four core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. Children are taught in small groups in a progressive approach which allows each child to proceed at their own pace. When your child has mastered one level, they're ready for the next. Each lesson encourages your child to feel good about themself and what they've learned.

YMCA aquatics programs include parent-child and preschool classes, and swimming lessons for all ages and abilities. YMCA of the Fox Cities has eight pools where classes such as water fitness, aquatic therapy, water safety, diving, kayaking and special needs are offered. The YMCA also offers a youth competitive swim team program as well as lifeguard, swim instructor, First Aid and CPR training.

Swimming is an activity you can enjoy your whole life. Let the YMCA help your family discover the fun and great exercise of swimming.

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