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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a special instructor?

We are sorry, but we cannot take requests for instructors because we are limited with the number of instructors we have. Classes are not assigned to instructors until late Friday afternoon before the next session. We look at teaching styles, how comfortable instructors are with certain age groups and their expertise.

What should I do the first day of class?

Be on time. On the first day of class, put belongings in a locker and lock it. A shower is reqired before entering the pool deck. Bring your towel out with you and wait in the seating area on the pool deck. The instructors will introduce themselves and call roll.

Which locker room should I use?

Dads accompanied by sons should use the men's locker room. If you are a mother with a daughter, use the ladie's locker room. If you have a child of the opposite sex, please use the family locker room. Please note that space is limited in the family locker room. We ask that you change in a shower room and take your belongings out after so that others can use the room to get ready for lessons. Please be mindful there are lots of children waiting to get in the locker rooms.

Can I observe my child's class?

Each facility has pool viewing areas; please inquire at your facility where to view each pool. Parents accompanying children on deck may wear street clothes, but we ask that you do not wear street shoes or have strollers past the locker room doors. We work very hard to keep your pool environment clean. We hope that all of our members will be respectful of the health and safety of our students and instructors.

Can parents come out on the pool deck with their children?

Parents should accompany all children out on deck the first day of class. Children that are not in first grade will not be allowed to leave the pool/deck to go to the locker room or bathroom by themselves. Staff are not allowed to take a child to the bathroom. We ask that parents be close by just in case your child needs your assistance.

What if my name isn't called?

To save time, bring your receipt with you the first day of class. If you do not have it with you, there is a coordinator on deck the first day to help students get to their class.

Who do I talk to with questions or comments?

Your child’s instructor may be happy to assist you, or feel free to contact your local Y's Aquatic Staff director listed in the left column of this page.

What if I miss a class?

Each session each branch will provide a make-up day lesson that is available to YMCA members only. Directions for signing up for the make-up lesson is included in the session newsletter. Refunds will not be given for missed classes. For extended medical reasons, a credit will be given for the remainder of classes from the time of notification and presentation of a doctor’s note.

What if I miss the testing day?

There is no testing day. The instructors check off skills each time you come to class. So it is important to attend all classes, if possible. Progress Cards are generally given out the second-to-last class. If your child missed this class, please contact the Aquatic Director. This card will indicate which skills your child has completed and what level to register for next session.

Annual Campaign Scholarship Program

No person will be denied the benefits of the YMCA membership program due to financial limitations. Scholarships are available for programs, child care and membership. More information is available through Member Services.

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