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Group Fitness Classes

The Y offers over 500 FREE group fitness classes each week! See how Flexible Fitness Scheduling adds even more to your membership.

What is Group Exercise at the Y?


Group Cycling

Pedal your way to a healthier life. We bring your outdoor cycling experience indoors without the bad weather. Indoor cycling class is a low-impact, high-intensity fitness workout.

Cycling can strengthen the heart and lungs, burn calories, decrease stress and improve quality of life. These classes provide you with all the benefits of aerobic activity in a fun and supportive group setting. We combine energizing music with various positions on the bike to help you shed some serious sweet and calories.

Our group cycling classes welcome participants of all levels. You can work at your own pace controlling the resistance of your bike so you never need to worry about not keeping up with the rest of the class. If you are new to cycling classes, arrive a few minutes early so the instructor can fit you to the bike and give you a few pointers. Choose from 30 minute, 45 minute, Teen cycling, Cycle Lite, Family Cycle and Special Event classes. Don’t forget your water bottle!

Land Fitness Classes

Land-based group fitness programs incorporate cardiovascular, strength, and/or balance exercises. We offer everything from Aerobics to Zumba. Group classes build a fitness community for all ages and abilities. Please see the Program Guide for detailed class descriptions. Wear comfortable clothing (sweats, t-shirts, shorts, athletic shoes). Remember to bring a water bottle.

Water Fitness Classes

Our pools provide a low to no impact setting for exercise. This environment is great for everything from athletic training to arthritis relief. Water naturally offers resistance. Working in the water will help improve balance and core strength. We have classes for every level of fitness. Find the class that is right for you!

Mind/Body Programs

Bring your sticky mat and a water bottle to class. Wear clothing that is comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement. Lockers are provided for your belongings as well as shoes. When the weather is cooler you may want to wear layers that you can remove as your body gets warmer. Bring an open mind and enjoy your experience.

Come to the YMCA and experience what our Mind/Body Programming can do for you. Foster serenity at the YMCA’s of the Fox Cities with our highly skilled instructors and our multi-level class offerings . Our programs include : Pilates, Pilates Reformer, Tai Chi and various styles of Yoga. All classes are designed to provide you with the greatest health benefits such as flexibility, muscle tone, balance, pain prevention, lowered stress and body awareness. Practicing yoga in a comfortable and encouraging group setting can help you create a more consistent, beneficial & enjoyable practice. We look forward to seeing you.

Active Older Adults

The key to living well, at any age, is a consistent exercise program. To maintain or improve a healthy spirit, mind, and body is participation in one our fitness classes tailored for the older adult will set you on the path to well-being. The YMCA of the Fox Cities offers a variety of land and water fitness opportunities for the Active Older Adult. Classes are offered at all five YMCA branches, Thompson Community Center, and Appleton Community Evangelical Free Church.
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