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Why the Y is Different


At the Y, you will have the opportunity to make friends, have fun, get active and discover who you are and what you can achieve. With a focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y nurtures the potential of every youth and teen, improves the nation's health and well being and provides opportunities to give back and support neighbors.

Whether developing skills or emotional well-being, welcoming and connecting diverse populations or advocating for healthier communities, the Y fosters the care and respect all people need and deserve. We are funded in part by United Way and from the gracious support of the many members of our community.

Benefits of a Y Membership

The Y is, and always will be, dedicated to building healthy, confident, connected, and secure childeren, adults, families and communities. Every day our impact is felt when an individual makes a healthy choice, when a mentor inspires a child and when a community comes together for the common good. As a member of the YMCA of the Fox Cities, you're entitled to many benefits.

Membership for All

At the Y, strengthening the foundation of our community is our cause. Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. We believe that lasting personal and social change can only come about when we work together to invest in our kids, our health and our neighbors. We provide support for family and promote positive change overall through our Annual Campaign.When you give to the Y, you help more people move forward.

For a confidential appointment to discuss scholarship assistance, please call your local Y.

How to Apply

In order for us to process your application, you must complete the confidential form included. Please submit copies (NO originals) of the following documents:

  • Required: Copy of most recent tax return/W2/1099 forms OR taxes not filed letter from IRS.
  • Required: Copy of two recent payroll stubs OR copy of unemployment check stubs.
  • If Applicable: Verification of any other assistance received, like food stamps, child support,housing assistance.
  • If Applicable: Social Security income verification (tax return not required).

After all paperwork has been submitted, we will set up an initial appointment to meet with you to discuss your qualifications. The meeting will last between 15-30 minutes.

Selection Process

Eligibility for financial assistance will be determined by the appropriate staff, based on a thorough review of the application and a personal interview with the applicant. The length of program assistance will be reviewed every three to nine months, not exceeding twelve months. You will be asked to complete a new scholarship assistance form for all renewals. Failure to report any form of income may result in the termination or delay of scholarship assistance from the Y. The YMCA of the Fox Cities reserves the right to refuse assistance to any applicant.

The YMCA of the Fox Cities reserves the right to accept only qualifying applicants.


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